Thursday, June 9, 2011

Past projects in the here and now!

 China cabinet before:
China cabinet after.
Hubby and I picked this jewel up at the Goodwill for $35 like, literally, New Year's Eve.  Unfortunately, you are missing a glimpse of the glamorous puke teal green that covered it's true glory.  It's a miracle I continued this "therapy"; this piece should have killed it for me, but it didn't.  We spent a day stripping it and then it sat for about a month til I decided it was time to tackle it.  Oh yeah, in the interim I kinda learned how to paint furniture.  On small cheap stuff (not cheap quality!)  Here are some more pics of the after.  Please forgive the setting.  We live in an apartment and I work on our little patio.  Maybe I'll post pics of the day that the "Hoarders" show could have showed up and we couldn't have said no.

Yes, it was missing the door.  The side glass is that concave (or convex?  don't want to be anal and go refresh my definition) glass that sounds hollow when you tap it.  It's cool.

This half table was a practice piece.  It came from the ReStore for like $3.  Was not pretty before, but I did not take before pics. Yea!  I have before and after for the coffee table.  This one was fun painting inside in January!

Once again, no before pic.  Yes, I'm learning.  Never been much of a camera person, so I just go to work!  This was a deep pinky toned dark red stain.  Sanded and sanded and sanded some more.  Made a great base color for distressing, though.  Used the wooden pulls-just sprayed them with ORB and bam!  Set it off!

Our first farm table and we don't have a pic to show off the top!  Grrrrr!  Painter's dropcloth covered seats (hubby's idea).
Thought I would share some of what we have done (what pics we actually have) and get caught up!  Still have more to share from items already sold and gone, then we can be current (like grown-up bloggers do!)  I will share our story and pictures of the CUTEST CAT IN THE WORLD later, but here is a preview pic of the CCITW.
Do not look in the background, please!
Like father, like daughter!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tables here, there, everywhere...

Hello!  This is a post to just see if I can even make this work with pictures... don't worry, I have someone who is going to help me with this craziness later this week.  But, me being me, I have to try on my own first. 

Here are pictures of the lastest farm table just completed.  Since I have good pics, I decided to post them.  We take the basic-sold-at-every-inexpensive-furniture-store-style table with the light wood top, find chairs from anywhere and create vintage looking farmtables. 

Okay, now I'm excited with how easy it was to load those pics.  Now, take a look at the endtables...