Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beachy buffet

Life has been rather hectic recently.  I started grad school full-time, so along with the numerous home projects and personal furniture projects, business furniture has been pushed down the list.  This project is a custom request that I just dedicated an afternoon to.  It made me cringe to paint this piece-it has beautiful quarter-sawn oak veneer and really in good shape.  

I just jump in and forget to take before pics, so pardon the multiple pics...and the background.  We took this off the truck, I worked on it and it went right back onto the truck.  

The customer wanted me to replicate another piece that I did that is currently in the store.  I like for my work to have texture and layers, so that it feels like it has been this way for years even when freshly painted. 

Missed the before of the hardware.  It is interesting hardware.  The pull plates are very light, so I think they are aluminum, but old.  They were painted a gold, not brass, but gold.  I gave them a quick layer of primer and a couple of layers of brushed nickel and I think they look perfect with the paint.  

Savannah has had low humidity (miracle) for the past 3 days or so, so the dry time on this was ridiculous, but welcomed.  Annie Sloan chalk paint dries so quickly anyway, but amazingly so yesterday!  Even the spray paint on the hardware was dry in 10 minutes.

So, I'll be linking to some parties this week and I'll update on that as it goes.  

My husband has replaced the majority of the windows in the house with the low-e, argon gas filled kind.  While they are wonderfully more energy efficient, they have also altered how sunlight filters in.  Now our in-good-shape-and-tolerable-color paint in the living room has turned into a depressing cream with yellow tinge color that I won't be able to handle very long, so the living room painting project is now pushing to the top 5 on The List.  Of course, with that comes the picking of the color.   Wish me luck...

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