Thursday, July 19, 2012

Refreshed Chest!

     So often, we are scared to change something that we love, even if we don’t like how it looks very much.  Does that make sense?  Something handed down that is a memory source, something that we so want to keep, but the appearance just doesn’t quite do it for us anymore?
     Upgrading a treasured item is a fabulous way to honor someone’s memory.  Adding a fabulous coat of paint, refinishing, or up cycling can bring a item back into the mainstream of your living so you enjoy it.
      That’s what Nora (The Pantry Elf) and I did with a chest that belonged to her father.  The chest itself is in excellent condition, the classic stained maple.  She wanted to refresh it to go with her plan for her guest room, where it holds a prominent spot.  Nora envisioned a minty green, distressing and new hardware.  I did a sample board and she placed her chest in my hands with freedom to do as I saw fit.  I used this for inspiration:

      This is actually my chest in our bedroom.  It’s not really finished:  I didn’t distress all the edges of the drawers.  I am also thinking about painting the drawer edges a contrasting color.   I have gotten compliments from everyone who has seen it.  My frister (you know, the friend who’s like your sister) Terri loves it.  I described this to Nora and she liked how it sounded.  Is that a first for selecting something décor related?  How it sounded?  Thanks Nora for trusting me!
     Yes, that is a sparkly lava lamp.  Don’t hate.  I want to put it back in the kitchen because I turn it on more in there.  It has special meaning to me.  Maybe one day I’ll do a post of the different things in my home that are special.  It kind of goes with this post.
     Nora had originally posted a pic of the chest on my Facebook wall; it has magically disappeared.  Or I have become totally FB illiterate.  Which is what my husband would say since he says my blonde moments are on the increase. Winking smile (Update:  Nora reposted the before pic-thank you!)
And After
     The paint color is Annie Sloan Versailles with a clear wax.  I used AS Chateau Gray to accent some areas.  It’s the same as my chest, just different lighting.  The wood texture also gives it a slightly difference hue as well.  I have learned that you cannot replicate a finish unless you do it to an identical piece.  Each piece of furniture is unique, just like people and pets!
     Speaking of pets, Nora is mommy to Joy, a sweet Shih-Tzu who knows she is supposed to be the center of attention!  Precious!
     Just to leave you with some memories of my little hellion, Mavi Kedi.  We tore the sheetrock off the wall between the living and dining rooms a few days ago (beam to be installed and studs removed later).  Mavi likes electricity.  She also likes the bath towels that Todd and Terri are going to use this weekend.
She at least color coordinates...

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