Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing Catch-up!

Wow, it has been a while since a post.  Yeah.  I’ve had stuff, just like everyone has.  I’m not special and I won’t bore you with it.  I really need to share some furniture with you instead!
My friend (and picker) discovered three tables in one remote location in North Georgia back in the fall.  I didn’t even have room for these tables til we moved to the house in December.  Finally painted one of them for MY dining room.  That was first.  Of course, I had to pick the heaviest biggest of the three, but it is so similar to one in Resuscitation Restoration Hardware I couldn’t resist.
march282012 357
The center had a few chips in the veneer, but I can work with that.
Number one, I don’t tweak pictures…yet.  Heck, I’m lucky to take the darn things, so I’m not into computer manipulation right now.  Number two, please excuse the unpainted trim, unadorned window and the neat junk (that I took OFF the table to take the pic) in the sunroom.  I do have another café chair, but I was too lazy to retrieve it for the pic.  I had planned to have another chair to match the larger chair, but I sold the other one.  So that is my current dining table.  May keep it, may place it for sale in my booth at Two Women and a Warehouse on Bull Street.  We’ll see.
Here is another piece just finished up this weekend.  Hubby and I worked SO hard for like three days straight.  He had to go to work to get a break. Smile Seriously, this wardrobe/dresser/armoire thing was soooo clean and in great shape with a rough finish.  I loooove rough finishes because they simply facilitate the look I want, so I dance when I find superficial water damage. 
And here is the after!

Just wanted to do a quick update and have quite a bit more to share...I'm getting so much better at remembering to take pictures!
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