Friday, May 4, 2012

Revived Chest

I found this cedar lined chest at a yard sale back in, like, October.  It sat around in the apartment, was drug through the move, then had the pleasure of sitting in the workshop for about 3 months before I felt sorry enough for it to work on it.  I failed to get a picture of the top before starting to strip off the ugly.  Besides desecrating it with blue acrylic paint, someone added old fashioned “Americana” graphics on top.  I hope I don’t sound unpatriotic, but this was one instance of Americana that should not have occurred. 
march282012 375       march282012 378
After sanding, I realized that the blue was not coming off without more chemical stripping, which I prefer not to do.  So I made sure it was smooth and started painting.  Jump ahead, the painting, distressing and waxing completed.  Realize that it just doesn’t look right.  See the bottom trim in the left picture (lid is to the right in the pic)?  That should not sit directly on the floor, right?  So to the internet I went, armed with a pic of the manufacturer stamp on the inside lid. 
Well, found out that this chest originally came with 6 inch Queen Anne shape legs.  To the tune of one exactly like mine (well, with the original legs and minus the fabulous Americana paint job) in good shape was going for around $600 online.  I can’t believe someone did what they did to this chest.
So, the butt on the ground problem.  Do I replace the 6” legs?  Decided no.  Two words. Bun feet.  Hubby added bun feet and she was done!!
There she is!  Made the most of the icky blue paint and the roughness to create great texture and color layering.  The interior is in GREAT shape. She’s available at Two Women and a Warehouse on Bull Street, Savannah. 
For your amusement, here’s Mavi Kedi (aka CCITW) enjoying an open window…the wrong way.

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  1. Love it! The color is perfect!

  2. Love it. I think I would have gone with the bun feet too, can't imagine queen anne feet at all being nice.